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Industrial packaging in France

Located in Bas-en-Basset, Industrial packaging solutions is a company specialised in designing and manufacturing industrial packaging.

We provide a variety of packaging solutions to businesses in France

 (Paris, Rhône-Alpes...) and Europe.

Innovative solutions in industrial packaging

We have been supplying various packaging solutions for more than 25 years. We manufacture plastic films, plastic bags and many other types of packaging for different products. We provide reliable packaging solutions for a range of industries, such as aeronautics, automotive, agribusiness, textiles, etc.

We also specialise in flexographic printing on plastics. We strive to bring added value to your products through our expertise and innovative equipment.

We manufacture packaging for all types of products.


Plastic packaging France

Trust us for

your packaging needs.

A technology-based and innovative company

We are fully aware of the importance of packaging in the promotion of a product. To better serve you, we stay abreast of innovations in the field. Thus, we do not hesitate to invest in state-of-the-art equipment. Currently, we use some of the most efficient extruders and co-extruders, which allow us to guarantee the quality of our products and to ensure delivery within the agreed deadlines.

We work to add value to your products.


Plastic packaging France

Our strengths

Ability to innovate

A company with a high degree of technical expertise

Quality of service

A dynamic and professional team

Excellent reputation

One of the largest packaging manufacturers in France

Do not hesitate to contact us for your packaging needs.

We can supply reliable products irrespective of the size of your order.

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